Secure your network by contracting codewire IT to remotely manage you business server. We can proactively monitor the hardware & software on your server, while you concentrate on running your business.

Why have regular Server Monitoring?

Your company has invested valuable resources in designing, obtaining, implementing and operating in a client server environment. If you do not employ the services of a network administrator,  usual cost from $80 to $140k per year, you may be faced with a failure which could result in data loss and down time. A major factor of Server Failure is a lack of server maintenance which is normally performed by your administrator.

codewire IT Remote Monitoring Contracts put in place a virtual network administrator saving your thousands per year for that employee and yet still giving your server and network the maintenance it requires.

A server is designed to be placed in a dry cool location and then serve the network’s requirements with no interruption and delay.

Server failure can never be predicted, however preventative measures can be taken to increase the life of your server and allow you as a business owner / manager to rest easy in the knowledge that you have done everything possible to help prevent a server failure, network downtime and maintain staff productivity.
In addition, properly formulated backup planning ensures that in the case of a catastrophic failure, your data should also be stored at an alternate location allowing restoration on replacement or repaired hardware.

Network monthly monitoring consisting of the following services

o   Remote Login After hours to server system

o   Perform All Windows Updates and install all relevant service packs and patches for the operating system installed.

o   Update Anti-Virus Product and ensure “Live Update” function is operating correctly

o   Investigation of error and Audit logs on server system

o   Check Backup System and Function where applicable

o   Check Backup Logs and History

o   Remove Temporary files and folders

o   Check Server Uptime and reboot history

o   Report on Server Hard Disk Usage if required

o   Report on Exchange Server Mailbox Usage (Where Applicable)

o   Report on Security Logs

o   Report in Variance in above measures

o   Perform a Restart of the server if required and authorised

The remote monitoring schedule does not include site visits for maintenance tasks, trouble shooting and fault finding issues with the server systems and workstation networks.

As a network ages, many of the support issues which arise are a result of aging hardware and software. To reduce the cost of supporting your network over time, it is important to have all hardware covered by a manufacturer warranty.

Enter a codewireIT Remote Monitoring Contract to secure the reliability of your server and data through regular and thorough system checks.