D-LINK DEM-410X 1-Port 10-Gigabit XFP Module for DGS-3400/DGS-3600/DWS-4026


For Use with the DEM-421XT (300m Distance, Multi-Mode Fiber) and DEM-422XT (10km Distance, Single-Mode Fiber)
Ideal for a Server/LAN Backbone (300m Distance) or Campus Environment (10km Distance)
High-speed 10-Gigabit Connection on Secure Fiber Cable
IEEE 802.3ae, 10GBase-SR, and 10GBase-LR Compliant
Limited Lifetime Warranty
Advance Warranty Replacement (24 Hour Cross-shipment)

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The D-Link 1-Port 10-Gigabit XFP Module provides a high-speed 10-Gigabit connection on secure fiber cable. Ideal for server/LAN backbones (up to 300m distance using the DEM-421XT transceiver) and campus environment backbones (up to 10km distance using the DEM-422XT transceiver), the 10-Gigabit XFP Module helps make your network more versatile and efficient.The D-Link 10-Gigabit XFP Module allows flexible deployment of 10-Gigabit connections and is ideal for bandwidth-intensive applications that require greater cable distances and lower signal interference in the Local Area Network and Wide Area Network.