EVGA Display Port Hub (2H/3H), Input: 1 x DP | Output: 3 x DP (3x1920x1080p), AC Powered


Easy to configure and add up to three displays
Compatible with existing graphics cards and notebooks with Display Port 1.2a output
Includes power adapter and Display Port cable
Requires latest graphics card driver for host graphics adapter (actual Hub does not require a driver)
Supports Display Port DP 1.1 and 1.2a or higher
NVIDIA Surround is not supported
NVIDIA 3D Vision Compatible
Supports active DP to DVI/VGA/HDMI cable adapters for video conversion
Support up to 4 displays on a single host system for each hub (NVIDIA card only: 1 x DP using DisplayPort Hub, and 1 x DVI port output)

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The EVGA DisplayPort Hub is a simple to use, multi-monitor connectivity solution between a single DisplayPort source and up to three DisplayPort compatible monitors.Its plug-and-play features allow you to enjoy the benefits of multiple monitors with a single digital output port. Ideal for graphic design, video editing, 3D animation, CAD/CAM, spreadsheet analysis, and productivity without the need of an additional graphics card!

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