Grandview GRIP110C IP Smart Screen (16:10) Image size 2370 x 1480mm, casing 2620mm


As standard is supplied with IP control, IR Remote, 12V Trigger, Close Contact, and a manual override switch.
Simple mechanical limit setting adjustments via the motor.
Install is simplified with multi fit brackets that can be installed anywhere along the length of the casing allowing for mounting to wall stud positions.
Brackets suit wall, ceiling or suspended installation.
Projection surface is Plana R.
Casing is extruded aluminium, finished in white.
Weight- 17kgs

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Grandview Motorised IP Control Smart Screen, are fully equipped with integration options – IP control, IR remote, 12V trigger from your projector, relay control or RS232 commands. The Manual Switch located on the bottom of the casing (Push button), close to the Power cable outlet.

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Weight 19.5 kg