Grandview GRPD102H 102" Deluxe Pull Down Screen


This screen is the best featured pull down screen on the market for the money.
Two key features screen has an advanced auto decelerator this ensures that the screen retracts slowly and steadily. Plus it has an inbuilt braking system. Together this means that the screen will
Install is simplified with multi fit brackets that can be installed anywhere along the length of the casing allowing for mounting to wall stud positions.
Brackets suit wall, ceiling or suspended installation.
Projection surface is Plana R.
Casing is extruded aluminium, finished in white.

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The Grandview Deluxe Pull Down Screen comes in a stylish contoured white casing with the option of either wall or ceiling mount brackets. Featuring an advanced auto-decelerator braking system for slow screen retraction. The benefit of this gearing system is that it will extend the life of your pull down screen considerably.The Deluxe Pull Down Screen is an ideal option when you don’t want your screen permanently in view just roll the screen down when needed and put it away when not in use. Available in 4:3, 16:9 and 16:10 formats for education, home and business applications.

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Weight 16.2 kg