Ex demo NQR Gumdrop DropTech MacBook Pro 13" Case (Touch Bar and non-Touch Bar) – Designed for Apple MacBook Pro 13"


The case weighs 500 grams, and offers rugged drop protection!
The unique rear bumper design provides flexible hinge protection and heat ventilation.
The bumpers in each corner are made from 10mm of silicone to maximize protection without adding extra bulk.
Tough, lightweight and easily cleaned clear polycarbonate shell for lasting protection from general wear-and-tear.
Fits both Touch Bar and non-Touch Bar Model

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Ex demo NQR The DropTech MacBook Pro case is the first to provide always-on drop protection and is capable of handling repeated drops without breaking a sweat. The DropTech’s unique design strategically employs a combination of rugged and high impact materials that have no problem protecting the edges and corners of the newest Apple MacBook Pro 13" from normal use and repeated abuse.A unique silicone rear hinge bumper design provides flexible protection and ventilation for heat dissipation.transparent polycarbona

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