(NQR) iKey Snap-in-Place Fully Rugged Keyboard for the FZ-G1 Toughpad (Broken Tether, product unused)


MATERIAL Industrial Silicone Rubber
TEMPERATURE RANGESTORAGE: -40? F to +185? F (-40?C to 85? C)OPERATING: 14? F to 122? F (-10?C to +50?C),TEMPERATURE SHOCK: -40? F to 185? F (-40? C to 85? C) Within 15 seconds, 2 Hour Dwells
VIBRATIONSTANDARD: MIL-STD810G 514.6, OPERATIONAL: 2 cycles/ Axis (1 Hour/Cycle) 10 to 500 Hz NONOPERATIONAL:2 cycles/ Axis (1 Hour/Cycle) 20 to 2000Hz
LIFE Over 10 Million Cycles
POWER USB: MAX 235mA@5V, 1X External 2.0 USB port
DIMENSIONS 243.332mm x 277.876mm (9.58 inches by 10.94 inches)
WEIGHT 2.1 lbs +/- 0.10 lbs (0.95 kg +/- 0.05 kg)
broken tether (factory issue, product unused/ as new)

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IK-PAN-FZG1-C1-V5 iKey keyboard designed to attach to the Panasonic FZG1 Tablet.The V5 is improved from previous models, designed with a more robust latching mechanism which provides increased docking strength while reducing wear and tear on the keyboard. The new latching mechanism now locks and secures the keyboard to the tablet and does not require a key of any kind. This model specifically includes Green backlighting and 1x external USB 2.0 port. This rugged keyboard is resistant to dirt, dust and spills. It is rated IP54. Splashes of water and most liquids will have no harmful effect. It is made of industrial silicone rubber. (broken tether (factory issue, product unused/ as new))

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Weight 1.1 kg