Cisco 892FSP Dual WAN Gigabit Ethernet Security Router with SFP Support


High availability and business continuity Redundant WAN connections for failover protection and load balancing
Consistent, high application performance levels the router can run multiple services simultaneously with no performance degradation
Risk mitigation with multilevel security Network perimeter security with integrated application inspection firewall
Supports LAN connections, as well as an 8-port LAN switch. Management of both the wired and wireless environments is integrated
Remote configuration and management to keep local IT staff lean

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Cisco 890 Series ISRs deliver integrated security and threat defence, protecting networks from both known and new Internet vulnerabilities and attacks. These powerful, fixed-configuration routers provide secure broadband, Metro Ethernet, and wireless LAN (WLAN) connectivity. Service providers offering managed Ethernet WAN services can deploy them in customer locations as CPE. You get centralized and remote management capabilities through web-based tools and Cisco IOS Software for full visibility and control of network configurations at the remote site.